Men’s Casual Essentials

Men’s Casual Essentials

If you want to be prepared for any occasion, then there are a few items you’ll want to have around that can work for anything. These casual must haves should occupy space in any man’s closet. The goal of this list is versatility and style. Read on for tips.

Polo Shirt

Try and keep a few polo shirts of different styles close at hand. A good polo shirt is inexpensive, it just has to fit well. That means sleeves that extend halfway around the biceps. Color doesn’t matter, and in fact brighter colors can be fun for spring and summer. Find something that complements your skin tone.

Cotton Suit

A proper cotton suit is striking, comfortable and lightweight. All of those things make them excellent for a warm evening out and about. If you don’t have a cotton suit, buy yourself a jacket and some linen pants as a secondary option.


Every man should find his scent, and make it his signature. It is essential for a man’s scent to make an impression, and too many men forego this very simple accessory. An attractive scent doesn’t have to be about sex appeal, it can just help to create an appealing nature and bring out your best qualities.

Leather Jacket

Soft brown leather jackets, or black, pair with many of our best outfits and offer something timeless and relaxed. A good leather jacket is definitely worth the cost.

Fitted T-Shirt

American Apparel made its business on the fitted tee, and you should absolutely take a cue from the fashion trend they helped to champion. Fitted tees show off your best attributes, while keeping you ready for outdoor fun.

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